Snowland Ranag School

whom-we-help_wem-wir-helfen_Snowland-Ranag-School Snowland Ranag Light of Education School is a big boarding school in Kathmandu.

Founded by a Buddhist monk in 2002, this charity run school provides free education, free accommodation, food and medical care to needy children in Nepal. At present Snowland Ranag School cares for approximately 150 students whose families live in the remote regions of the country such as Dolpo and Mustang.

Pictures of this boarding school can be found in our gallery.

We are focusing on two different types of aid projects for Snowland Ranag School.

  1. Projects that improve livelihood and/or improve the education for all students within this boarding school
  2. College sponsorships for those students who finish class 10 and therefore, graduate from Snowland Ranag School. (read more)

Find all our current projects for Snowland Ranag School here.

Snowland Ranag School and hamromaya Nepal - a special bondThere is a special bond between Snowland Ranag School and our charity association. In fact, the foundation of hamromaya Nepal has been only initiated by our willingness to support this boarding school. Khai, one of the founder members and First Chairperson of hamromaya Nepal, had spent a long time in this school and has become a close brother to these children.

In the past, our local partner IGWR-Nepal made lots of efforts to provide several services to assist the School (read more). At present – since the first students graduated from Snowland – IGWR-Nepal focuses on the need for sponsors of the Snowland graduates (read more).
For more information about IGWR-Nepal, please check here.

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